Full glycerin soaps created using natural vegetable oils and butters


Full Glycerin

Glycerin, a byproduct of soap making, is completely left in our soaps, unlike the majority of the industry. This creates a bar with superior moisturizing qualities as a base for all our soaps.

Exfoliants and Additives

Many of our soaps come with natural exfoliants (oatmeal, poppy seeds, lavender husks, bentonite clay) and other additives to produce bars with desired qualities to best work for your individual skin

Oils and Scents

Our soap bars are specially formulated with the benefits of the scents and oils used in mind. Whether it's the calming effects of lavendar or the bright awakenings of citrus tones, our soaps have been created to evoke the best in your body.


Natural Castille

Soaps created primarily with olive oil to create a smooth, moisturizing bar


Lavender husks compliment lavender essential oils and shea butter in this calming, moisturizing bar.


Tea tree oil and bentonite clay combine in this bar focused on clearing up skin issues.

Monthly Specials

Unique bars to be found every month. Check out the blog for more details!

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